Ever since the reported Nintendo-related server hack and subsequent data leak earlier this year, fans have unearthed many unused character models and sprites, prototype and beta content, and source codes for a multitude of classic Nintendo titles. Among the wealth of intriguing Zelda content spanning the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo 64 generations, this so-called “Giga Leak” has produced files for the fabled beta dungeon seen in early footage for Ocarina of Time. Thanks to this groundbreaking discovery, Zelda modder Dr. Disco and the folks over at z64me took it upon themselves to restore this lost gem.

Hard4Games recently showcased Dr. Disco’s work in the video above. From what we can see, the restored beta dungeon features some odd-looking statues with their tongues hanging out, spiraling staircases, and rooms seen in the early footage. There was enough in the leaked beta files to stitch together a cohesive walkthrough of what the Big N had locked away.

Until now, fans could only find archival footage of this beta dungeon on old VHS tapes. Many theorized that the dungeon was an early version of Ganon’s Tower, from the point in development when the game featured a hub world like Super Mario 64. The source code that Dr. Disco found in the beta says otherwise, with the files labeled as if it was in fact just any other kind of dungeon.

This beta dungeon has also been restored to work on Nintendo 64 hardware, with Dr. Disco’s friend Mikau6 providing footage of it running on the system.

Some fans even believe that the archival content that was leaked (like the beta dungeon discussed above) could be the missing link between the canceled Ura Zelda 64DD project and the game we now know as Ocarina of Time. What do you think of this news? Is there anything Zelda related from the Giga Leak that caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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