Miyamoto’s Magic

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We all know that Miyamoto is the father of modern day gaming, a prodigy and the man that shaped most of our childhoods. However, with Nintendo’s tight lipped policy, we rarely get to see or hear anything about his methods of work or his daily job routine. However this BerriBlue special article gives us a few precious details about what kind of man Shigeru Miyamoto is when he’s working on a game, and how that affects the people he works with.

Being an avid game designer (in training) myself, this sort of information can only be described as pants-jizzing. Unlike some more transparent developers, such as Blizzard Entertainment, Nintendo has always been a sealed fortress and very little of its inner workings have been disclosed to the public… for better or worse.

It’s the little things, like deciding whether to make something wider or narrower. Miyamoto’s sense for things like that, his simple suggestion to do something that way, is what I can’t replicate. I think about what he’s said and give it a shot, and it ends up being just right. That sort of thing happens a lot.

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