Zelda Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto: The Legend of Zelda series has always been one of my favorite franchises to continue to create over the years. As it is stands right now, we are indeed working on a handful of new IPs. One of these IP’s may replace the Zelda series. We have heard the cries of some of our fans about how Zelda hasn’t changed much, and part of the reason for this is because many of our ideas simply do not fit within the realm of the Zelda series. That being the case, we feel these fresh new IP’s will become “the next big thing”. I can’t say much else at this time, but presently we have no future plans for Zelda after this year.

This is all according to an interview by IGN. I must say, if the Zelda series is to come to an end it had better go out with a bang. Zelda Wii had better be the best Zelda game ever created, and this new IP better deliver or there will be hell to pay. Of course, putting my fan rage aside, we all knew that eventually every good series must come to an end. I hope this isn’t true, but who knows? Hearing they are working on fresh new IPs is certainly a joy to me.

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