So some small quip is making it’s rounds on the internet, and in all seriousness it was clearly just done as a motivational tool for the development teams. Still, Miyamoto issues an ultimatum to the teams behind Skyward Sword and Star Fox 64 3D: These are either the best games in the franchise or they will be put back in the box, to be opened again at a much later date than usual. So what does that mean? Well, it means that if Miyamoto wasn’t joking around (and he said it in a rather serious tone), Zelda and Starfox could get shut down for awhile.

The various sources from the developers conference all tell slightly different tales on what the exact words were as some say it’s purely sales related, but lets face it: Twilight Princess was one of the best selling Zelda games in the franchise. So, Zelda isn’t exactly lacking sales, despite the lackluster way Spirit Tracks moved off the shelf. Still, it just doesn’t seem like Miyamoto to really press his teams so hard.

This may help explain why Skyward Sword appears to be so rich right now. With fields practically being like dungeons, and what appears to be a super deep story and the most engaging combat yet. Sure, not everyone likes the art direction, but that wont ultimately determine if it’s the best. What that standard for being the best is I have don’t know, but hopefully it was a motivational tool instead of a real threat. Oh Miyamoto, someday I will understand your brilliance.

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