Miyamoto Playing Skyward Sword

Q: And is there anything more you can say about the upcoming Zelda game?

We haven’t prepared any press releases since the last one so there is nothing I can reveal that is new other than to say we are working on it and it is going along like gangbusters.

Sure, this isn’t much, but given the fact we have heard nothing about Skyward Sword since E3 it’s nice hearing that the development is going extremely well. It’s looking more and more likely were getting this in early 2011 as promised. The question right now really is what release window they plan to use, given the 3DS launch. Before? After? At the same time? All I know for certain is that this game is already making me spew out stuff my mommy told me is the Devil. Of course, she said my car is a Devil too. What do moms know anyways?

Source: USA Today

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