During the Roundtable Discussion with Shigeru Miyamoto and other top Nintendo developers, an exclusive demo for Skyward Sword was played that contains even more new information not in any of the other trailers or demos available at E3. What did the chosen few who got to sit in find out?

The demo begins in a volcanic area, where two creatures called Monmas are discussing a key that opens a nearby temple. Link sets off to find the key, with the help of the spirit inside the Skyward Sword, who as it turns out, is named Phi. Phi can apparently sense items, as the Skyward Sword beeps faster and faster the closer Link comes to a piece of the key.

Fighting enemies and using Bomb Flowers, Link is able to recover all the pieces of the key. Apparently he also uses metal gauntlets to dig. Possibly similar to the Mole Claws of Minish Cap.

Miyamoto reconfirms that the plot of Skyward Sword involves the origins of the Master Sword, and the setting shifts to a forested area. In this new area, Link activates a “siren power” with the Skyward Sword, and is transported to a parallel dimension. Like both the Dark World and the Twilight Realm, this parallel dimension mirrors the real world. Due to Link using the Skyward Sword to enter it, he is weaponless while in this new realm.

Link faces “hulking guardians” while in this new dimension, and because he is weaponless, he has to collect “tear shaped items” which can immobilize the guardians. Very reminiscent of Spirit Tracks and the Phantoms.

This information courtesy of IGN‘s coverage of the Roundtable Discussion.

Personally, I’m a little wary of yet another Light World/Dark World type layout, especially since Skyward Sword already has the Skyloft/Hyrule dual overworlds, but if they can pull it off in a new and creative way that doesn’t just feel like I’m playing A Link to the Past again, then more power to them. Let us know what you think about all the new information in the comments.

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