The look on his face: I pooped a littleNow here’s something that’s sure to shock a few of you, it seems the master himself, Shigeru Miyamoto hasn’t really been involved in the development of the Wii U. This is slightly strange due to the fact the he worked on both the GameCube and Wii consoles.

Remember, I’m not talking about game development here, I’m talking about the consoles themselves. Instead, Shiggy decided to let the younglings at Nintendo take a whack at the new system. This is a pretty bold move for Miyamoto, as he seems to be taking on more of a mentor role at Nintendo. Here’s what Shiggy told Liberator (a French newspaper.)

For the GameCube and Wii I was really deeply involved from the start and the design of the structure and development processes… for the Wii [U], I would say it represents the beginning of a transition with younger generations of Nintendo engineers who have been more involved in the development of the project. I am still very present and engaged myself, but less directly. It’s like I stepped aside: I followed step by step work and gave them advice.

Well there you have it. If Nintendo was the Jedi council, than Miyamoto would be their Yoda. Old, wise, and able to kick ass when necessary. It’ll be quite interesting to see what these younger developers bring to the table. I wonder if this is going to extend to Nintendo’s first party game development as well.

How do you guys feel about Miyamoto stepping aside to let the younger generation take over? Do you think Nintendo is going to change when Miyamoto decides to retire? How excited are you about the Wii U? Let us know with some comments.

Source: Nintendo Life

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