It’s more than five years since the release of Skyward Sword. Some fans love it, while others hate it. I know some who are in between. What does Nintendo giant Shigeru Miyamoto think of it now? Well, in the quote below, he talks about how he feels Nintendo may have told too much story during the beginning of the game.

“We may have told too much story in the beginning of Skyward Sword, and it was hard to get into gameplay, but [ in Breath of the Wild ] we wanted to make sure even beginners would be able to ride the horse. Even a simple mechanic like riding horses can offer a deep gameplay experience.” — Shigeru Miyamoto

I tend to agree with Mr. Miyamoto—it was a little hard to get into gameplay because of Skyward Sword‘s beginning. It looks like the Zelda dev team has fixed this aspect of the game with Breath of the Wild.

Source: IGN

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