Zelda Wii ArtworkOver at Gaming Media, a German based website, there was a short interview with Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto in which he speaks about the upcoming Zelda for the Nintendo Wii. The interview was done in Japanese and had German subtitles, but thanks to Bastian of Zelda Universe, we have an English version available. Shown below are the Zelda Wii related sections.

Gaming Media: What can you tell us about the only previously released artwork for the new Legend of Zelda?

Shigeru Miyamoto: This image plays a big role in the game. You will see what I mean at E3. But honestly, it would be more fun if we allowed you to experience the game as you play it. So you will have to wait until you can play yourself.

Gaming Media: How much will be new in this The Legend of Zelda?

Shigeru Miyamoto: For us two things are important: to fulfill expectations and then to surprise people. I will not yet reveal how we accomplish that this time, however. Normally, we develop the cutscenes first, and then these sequences are added to the finished product. But this time, we began with the game design first. And then we did the cutscenes. So this time it was reversed. This is why we have shown very little of the game so far. But shortly before completion, we will have a trailer available. It is very important to us to optimize game development and to make the game play easier. We give a lot of attention to making the gameplay user-friendly, as Zelda has become more and more complicated.

It seems awkward that at any point they made cutscenes before game design. That just doesn’t make sense to me but I’m glad they are refocusing on game design. I’m also not sure what he means by, shortly before completion, since shortly is a very relative term. I’m pretty sure that we’ll see a full trailer at E3 this year, of which it will surely be another four-five months before the games release. I suppose in Miyamoto’s head, that is equivalent to shortly before completion. Lastly, the part about the artwork being important. There has been plenty of theories out there as to what the artwork means, who the girl is, and why Link isn’t holding a master sword. All we heard in response from Nintendo, is that some of these theories are actually true. It’s still rather vague as to what is true and what is rumor, but we should surely know more at E3 2010 in just over one months time.

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