A lot of talk has spread around over the past few months that maybe Retro Studios (famous for developing Donkey Kong Country Returns) was hard at work on the next Legend of Zelda title. Unfortunately, top Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto has just stated Retro is indeed working on a project but it isn’t a Zelda game. He didn’t rule out the chance for Retro to be given the opportunity to do a title in the series but for now it is just a future possibility. Miyamoto even joked that if Retro were to develop a Zelda game, he would need to play a big part in the development and may need to move to Texas to keep in constant contact.

You can read Miyamoto’s statements about Retro after the jump!

“Retro is very busy right now, but I’m afraid I can’t say exactly what it is that they’re very busy [working] on.

“In terms of them working on a Zelda, it’s not out of the question, certainly, for them to work on an entire Zelda game amongst themselves. Traditionally I think that the Zelda team has always had a close contact with anyone who’s working on a Zelda game. If you were going to have that happen in the US at Retro, that would be kind of difficult for them to be able to coordinate. Certainly they’re too busy for that sort of thing right now. It would probably require me to be involved to a great extent as well, so I would have to get over quite a bit too. I’d probably have to live in Texas… [laughs]“

I would love to see Nintendo give Retro Studios the opportunity to work on a new Zelda title as they would give the series a new taste to the gameplay we all know and love without making it too vastly different. Donkey Kong Country Returns is genuine proof that Retro is intelligent in reviving older series to make them appeal to a wider audience. Capcom did a great job with the Oracle games and The Minish Cap so there is every chance Retro can make the Zelda series even better. Hopefully what Retro is working on will be worth it. Could it be a new Star Fox, F-Zero, or Metroid title? We can only wait for confirmation on that secret.

Would you like to see Retro Studios develop a Zelda title? What game are you hoping they are making at this time since Zelda is out of the question? How do you feel now that you know Retro is not creating a Zelda game at the present?

Source: NintendoEverything

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