In December 2001, Mario and series creator Shigeru Miyamoto, met with Sonic the Hedgehog’s creator, Yuji Naka in an interview for Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu. Surprisingly, this was the first time they ever sat down for a real discussion. Considering they had been competitors since the early 1990s.

Naka: I want him to release Zelda soon. (laughs) And another Mario too, of course.

Miyamoto: Zelda and Mario are now being made in a way where I’m not directly involved. I walk away, and well, you can see what they did with Zelda (laughs). Naturally, I have my points of disagreement, but overall I like the new direction. I’m not really interested in hearing a bunch of opinions about how the new art looks; I want people to play it first, then tell me what they think of it.

It seems to be that the Zelda game Miyamoto is referring to in this interview is Wind Waker. How do you feel knowing that Miyamoto stepped back during its development? I wonder why he stepped away and what he would have done differently with the game.

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