Yesterday we reported that Shigeru Miyamoto was working on a new Zelda Game and today we have now received some potentially related news about a remake. The folks at Next-Gen recently got an interview with Miyamoto and he mentioned a possible remake of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Nintendo 3DS.

“I think A Link To The Past. Do you remember Xevious? It’s two-layered and I really wanted to create that at the time. So to see Link To The Past in two layers would be quite attractive for me.”

Miyamoto also stated that he wants to focus more on gaming and has confirmed remakes of other Nintendo classics could be coming to the 3DS. We already have Ocarina of Time 3D which will release in June, Starfox 3D in July, and now it seems there are more remakes in the works. He also mentioned that he welcomes the idea of established Nintendo franchises coming to the Nintendo 3DS e-shop. So perhaps this new Zelda that Miyamoto talked about in his previous interview is a remake of A Link to the Past? Perhaps a remake of a different classic Zelda title? Maybe it’s a game being developed purely for release on the Nintendo 3DS e-shop?

What do you guys think about this possible remake of A Link to the Past? Do you think it could work? Would you prefer to see a different Zelda title remade? A brand new Zelda title? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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