Twilight Symphony is a masterful recreation of the entire soundtrack from Twilight Princess via real life orchestration and choir work. It’s arguably the greatest sounding Zelda music to ever exist, but sadly Nintendo and ZREO could not come to an agreement to release the album for digital download. Enter Cubed3, a Nintendo fan site that took it into their own hands to preserve Twilight Symphony on YouTube. You can listen to the entire album right now. This is naturally a huge relief for Zelda fans across the globe, as the only people who currently have real copies of the album were certain media outlets (us included) and the Kickstarter fundraisers. To understand just how fantastic this soundtrack is you simply need to read our review.

We obviously hope Nintendo doesn’t attempt to get them removed from YouTube, because it’s a crying shame if Zelda fans the world over weren’t allowed the opportunity to listen to this fantastic soundtrack. For those wondering, ZREO itself has closed up shop.

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