When Nintendo announced that six additional fighters would be joining the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster as part of Fighters Pass Vol. 2, the company also announced that the first of these DLC fighters would be a character from ARMS. Developing such a fighter turned out to be quite the task for director Masahiro Sakurai and his team, so we were asked to wait a few more months before we learned which ARMS character would be joining the fight. Well, that wait is now over, as Sakurai announced during this morning’s Smash Bros. presentation that Min Min will be representing ARMS in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Long-range battle will be Min Min’s specialty, as her attacks can hit from great distances thanks to her stretchy arms. She’ll have trouble at close range and in the air, however. Min Min will also allow for interesting customization options, as players can quickly swap between arms, such as the ringed Ramram and the heavy Megawatt. Additionally, ARMS fans who hoped to see a different character claim the spot on the roster should enjoy Min Min’s Final Smash, which will feature cameos from the entire ARMS cast.

In addition to Min Min, the new Challenger Pack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will include the ARMS-inspired Spring Stadium stage and 18 ARMS songs for the soundtrack. Challenger Pack 6 will be available on June 29th for $5.99 USD. Players who have already bought Fighters Pass Vol. 2 will automatically receive it.

Min Min is definitely the fan-favorite choice, and Sakurai seemed excited to include her in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Are you excited to play as Min Min? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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