It’s been about two years now since Nintendo made Miiverse available for Wii U owners, with 3DS owners shortly following when an update made it available a year later. In case you’re out of the loop, Miiverse is a social network that’s powered by the Nintendo Network and allows both Wii U and 3DS players to interact with each other. Players may share their experiences with games inside forum-like Communities in the form of drawings, text and screenshots. In hopes to further interact and connect with our audience, we have created a brand new Weekly Feature that’ll take advantage of this network: Miiverse Highlights.

Every week, we will be making a post on one of the different Zelda Communities with ZeldaInformer’s official Nintendo Network ID. These posts will either issue a #WeeklyChallenge or a #WeeklyPoll that anyone can take part of. The #WeeklyChallenge will, as the name implies, challenge our audience to reply to the post with a drawing based on the topic presented and the Community it is posted in. Depending on the amount of responses we receive, I will then pick a number of those posts to feature on our next Miiverse Highlights, which will take place every Thursday. If you feel like your art isn’t as good as others, you have nothing to worry about. The posts will be chosen based on originality, uniqueness and/or humour, so feel free to submit a response, regardless of art style!

To those of you that are interested in seeing stunning artwork, however, that’s why we’ll also have the #WeeklyPolls. These will take place the week after a #WeeklyChallenge has been issued, interchanging between the two, and will pose a question for you to respond based on the Community it’s made in. The day the next Miiverse Highlights rolls around, I will gather every response, choose the answer that received the most “votes”, and will then scour through the different Communities in search of the best artwork I can find based on that answer to feature!

Since we will be starting Miiverse Highlights today, there hasn’t been a challenge or poll for you guys to fill out, so I went ahead and gathered a few drawings from The Legend of Zelda Series Community to showcase! That’s where the second half of this post’s title comes from, along with the posts you’ve been seeing. It seems that Sheik received a lot of love while I was checking out the main Community. If you’d like to show some of these posts some of your own love, just click on the image and you will be redirected to the actual post on the Miiverse website. I’ll work on how I can properly embed all of these during the next Miiverse Highlights, but for now, I hope these screenshots will do! There will also be a lot more than just four, so there’s no need to worry on that aspect.

Let’s get down to business, shall we? We will be kicking things off with a #WeeklyChallenge as our first Miiverse Highlights event! If you’d like to be a part of this challenge, all you have to do is draw your favorite item from the entire series. For a higher chance to get your post featured on next week’s Miiverse Highlights, draw someone other than Link using the item! To participate in this event, make sure you log into Miiverse from either your Wii U or 3DS, head on over to the official ZeldaInformer Miiverse account, and respond to the latest post. All challenges and polls will be made prior to the Miiverse Highlights post, so if you’d like to get an early entry, be sure to Follow our account! Just so there are no confusions, you can find the exact Miiverse post you need to reply to at the end of this feature. We look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!

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