Mighty Switch Force for the Nintendo eShopThat’s right. A game that will be worth buying on the Nintendo eShop is coming! Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple rather decent titles on the Nintendo eShop that were available on the DSi. They just have something a little more exciting than Tennis coming our way. A Nintendo Power interview with WayForward’s Matt Bozon revealed they are making a sequel to the “Mighty” series. The main goal of the game is to eliminate Space Hooligans with complex puzzle and action stages.

The game has a robot female lead, and the focuses more on action compared to the last Mighty titles. It has an interesting gameplay, with seamless combat and puzzle integration. This title is a short, but with longer levels. It gives the game an old NES feeling to it, which I’m eager to see.

Nintendo Power: What about Mighty Switch Force makes it something you can experience on the Nintendo 3DS system?

Matt Bozon: In Mighty Switch Force, we’ve crafted a unique puzzle mechanic that gets players not only watching in stereo, but actually exploring solutions in the third dimension. It’s the kind of platformer we knew was possible, but hadn’t seen until now. And as fans of our previous titles can confess, some of our thematics elements-T-rexes with eye lasers, wall-eyed fishmen, jet-pack cats, belly dance transformations, popcorn explosions, vocaloid J-Pop ballads, hottie pirates, and whipping puppies with your hair-would only confound retailers.

The game certainly seems more action-oriented than other Mighty titles. Was that your intent?

Definitely. The core gameplay is jump and shoot, with block-switching puzzles sprinkled throughout. The team is made up entirely of Contra 4 veterans, so expect ample fiery explosions and crunchy sound effects.

What can you tell us about Officer Wagon? She’s a robot, eh?

She prefers the term artificial person, but yes, she is! Like previous WayForward heroines, Patricia Wagon is an adorably winsome lass. But unlike her predecessors, this gal packs heat and has an itchy trigger finger.

And who, exactly, are the Space Hooligans?

The Space Hooligans are a group of hostile lifeforms created by the five Hooligan Sisters-dangerous criminal masterminds who masquerade as ditzy girls. As Wagon explores each level in hopes of apprehending these villainous ladies, Space Hooligans will be there to stop her every step of the way. Thankfully they speak the same language as Wagon’s pellet gun: animated violence!

Can you give a couple of examples of how puzzles work?

Sure. In a simple puzzle, you might need to cross a pit that’s too wide to jump past. By using your Switch power, you can pull distant blocks closer to the screen in 3D and use them as stepping stones. However, any blocks on the playfield will retreat into the background. That’s all pretty basic stuff. Where it gets complicated is when you have to think several steps ahead. Will the blocks underneath your feet pull away? Will the blocks in the background zoom up and smash you? What will happen if you pull blocks out from under an enemy? Puzzles are built around these kinds of mysteries, and the interesting and unexpected outcomes.

Are puzzles and combat seamlessly integrated?

It’s seamless. After reaching a high ledge you might find yourself face to face with an enemy. Or to remove a foe you might need to drop him into a new area by switching out blocks, and then fill him full of lead. Even firing your weapon can be a puzzle, since pellets can impact on “switchable” objects.

What’s on the lower screen?

The touch screen mounts your Hooligan Tracker. It’s a digital compass that points a way to any ne’er-do-wells lurking just out of sight. Once every miscreant is safely behind bars, it guides players to the extraction point.

How big would you say the game is?

Though [the levels] are longer and more action-packed than our previous Mighty titles, the total game will be somewhat shorter, and here’s why. What I love about NES-era games, and especially Contra, Journey to Silius, and Mega Man 2, is that once mastered, they can easily be beaten in a single session. Nowadays if I want the satisfaction of sitting down and “taking in” a game in one sitting, I have to look backward. We’re going to try to change that, and embrace the pocket-sized appeal that’s been lost over the years. That’s the beauty of the eShop-we can experiment with different kinds of releases and see what the players like. So prepare for gaming concentrate.

Are there boss fights?

It’s become a Mighty tradition to include a timed automatic that turns the tables on the player in the last level. We’re going to do that again, but I’ll keep the details sparse. But it’s an auto-switching monster. That’s the answer. An auto-switching monster. Shoot; I gave it away! Hmm, maybe there’s still time to change the plan….

What else should players know about the game?

We want them to enjoy Mighty Switch Force from top to bottom. And if they do, they should consider downloading our other award-winning titles. They are just a Wi-Fi signal and remain as fresh as a daisy, blessedly preserved in the eShop awaiting a regal kiss of awakening. Use your Nintendo 3DS as one would a butterfly net and gather up the invisible webs of bliss that encircle you even as you read this. Divine moment done! Nab our games right out of the air, yo!

Matt’s last two sentences just made me laugh. WayForward has definitely brightened up my mood towards the Nintendo eShop. All I’ve gotten from it is Link’s Awakening, the Pokedex, and the Excitebike. Two of those I downloaded for free, so I still have money waiting to be spent. The other Mighty titles were a lot of fun, so I’m excited for this release. What about you?

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