When asked for a most memorable tune from Twilight Princess, many players will respond with the iconic Midna’s Lament. Not only is it a gently moving piece with a hint of a dark side, but it accompanies a turning point in the game’s narrative, as the partnership between Link and Midna begins to shift. In an arrangement equally technically and creatively impressive, YouTube musician RichaadEB, along with jazz musician insaneintherainmusic, has taken the intensity of that scene and made it all the more pressing and urgent.

Beginning with a gentle introduction much in the spirit of the original’s, this arrangement rapidly morphs and embraces the powerful nature of the piece by overlaying multiple electric guitar tracks. This intense phase carries us through the rest of the first iteration of the tune, leading smoothly into a jazzy rendition featuring saxophone at the forefront. This bittersweet section, restores calm, only to give way to another metal section that drives home the urgency befitting a scene with a character’s life on the line.

RichaadEB has covered a great many more video game music classics, including Stone Tower Temple and Ballad of the Goddess from Majora’s Mask and Skyward Sword, respectively, as well as pieces from Shovel Knight, Pokemon, Skyrim, Super Smash Bros., Mass Effect, and more. If you enjoyed this arrangement, you can check more on his YouTube channel and his SoundCloud. And for more insaneintherainmusic, check out his YouTube Channel, as well as his Loudr, where you can find his albums for sale.

If you’d like to download the above cover, click here. What did you think of this unique take on a fan favorite? Are there more Zelda tunes you’d like to see RichaadEB take on? Share your thoughts with us below.

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