Goodbye Metroid Wiki

It is sad that this could very well be the last time I make an update on ZI’s sister project, Metroid Wiki. It has come a long way under our guidance – from it’s humble beginning to one of the prime sources for Metroid information on the net, and then to now – the next level. It has come the time where we have to say goodbye to Metroid Wiki. No, not because it’s dead or anything like that. Well, it’s more like how a mother eventually has to let go of her children so they can move on in life. Today ushers in the next era of Metroid Wiki.

Metroid Wiki has so much potential to be realized, and it’s no secret that Nate, myself and the guys here at ZI simply don’t have enough time to give Metroid Wiki the attention it deserves, while also driving ZI forward. It was not a decision made lightly, but one in the best interest of Metroid Wiki’s future. What is that decision? Well, Metroid Wiki has been purchased by Prodigion, known primarily as the guy behind Strategy Wiki.

So, what does all of this mean? Well, Metroid Wiki is under new ownership that has the time and the resources to drive Metroid Wiki further in the future. To give it the attention that it needs. No longer will it be held back by our personal constraints. It has grown beyond our hands alone and is now in dedicated hosting with dedicated management, alongside Strategy Wiki. Ever since we started the wiki, it has been my goal to see it reach self-sustainability, and today that goal has been achieved.

With Metroid Wiki now relaunching, there is no better time to come on over and contribute anything that you can to this ever growing Metroid project. Whether it’s formatting, article writing, grammar correction, image editing or anything else, we’d love to see you over there, so if you somehow missed it, here’s the link again – Metroid Wiki.

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