Could we get a spiritual sequel to <em>Metroid Prime</em> on the Wii U?” src=“×142-9392.jpg” width=“250” height=“142” class=“mt-image-left” style=“float: left; margin: 0 20px 20px 0;” /></a>Wii U main man Katsuya Eguchi has been getting a lot of unprecedented spotlight lately, but I don’t think he’s made any major software-related “announcements” – until now. Hidden within the <a href=Wii U Kotaku interview we reported on earlier is a statement from the hardware producer that strongly points to Metroid coming to Wii U. He even went into how the new controller might be used to deepen the franchise gameplay.

Check out the full quote below:

I can’t give you any details now, but I’m sure there will be a new Metroid release making use of the new controller, not just to control Samus and her ship but also to give the player a new source of information. Maybe the player is looking at the screen but has the information that they need to defeat the enemy in their hands. You could look through the screen and scan your enemy and find where it’s weakspot is.

Now, perhaps Eguchi is getting ahead of himself, especially with the series’ largely stagnant sales and Nintendo completely ignoring its 25th anniversary this year, but do you think that a new game really is in the works? Given the Battle Mii demo’s extensive Metroid references, I’ve got to say that they’re definitely at least thinking about it. We’ll see if anything crops up at next year’s E3. Maybe Retro Studios is going to take on a Prime series sequel?

Source: Kotaku via GoNintendo

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