Merry Christmas From ZD!

Hooray! I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and stuffed your bellies with immense amounts of edible goodness. It’s snowy up here in Alaska, so I had a very white Christmas.

Mases spent the holiday at his older brother’s house with his family, including most of his mother’s side of the family. Most notably of his gifts is the gift cards and stray moolah.

For myself, I got lots of chocolate and computer stuff… Mint baking chips, gormet chocolate, plastic spoons with flavored chocolate on the end for stirring, cans of Dust Remover to clean my computer, and a password protected USB Flash Drive. The last thing doesn’t work so well because the password only protects things already on the drive… and you can just delete the password program because it’s just a file on it… rightio…

Well, we don’t have much for you guys to unwrap site-wise, but here’s two more chapters of the Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough. Enjoy, and have fun with your remaining time off everyone! 🙂

PH Walkthrough – Chapter 11, “Chilly”
PH Walkthrough – Chapter 12, “Gems”

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