Never in my right mind could I ever have conceived how many times I would legitimately tell people, “Yes, there’s a floppy disk drive cover of the Zelda main theme.” I mean it’s truly spectacular how people find different ways of playing iconic Zelda scores. That rings true for the cover we’re looking at today, as mathematical devices get their time in the entertainment sun.

This rather unique cover of the Zelda main theme comes to us from musician Atarime. What makes it unique are his instruments of choice: four AR-brand calculators. Known as the “musical calculator”, this mathematical device apparently can also double as a piano. For this Zelda cover, Atarime uses two AR-7778 calculators and two AR-8001 calculators.

Aside from Atarime occasionally showing off his skills as a pianist on the channel, a majority of his other videos are all using the AR calculators. Atarime’s calculator performances include takes on Mozart, Pokémon, Disney, and even Neon Genesis Evangelion.

What do you think of this cover? Will you be checking out any more of Atarime’s “calculating” skills? Just make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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