There are a lot of spoilers in this news report, so do not click read more if you do not want to be spoiled.

Skyward Sword Official Art 013

Miyamoto and company are doing the private developer meeting as I speak, and they are really spilling the beans on Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3DS. Hop inside, and as it says above, beware of spoilers.

6:32: Miyamoto takes back control. Let’s play Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Let’s invite Mr. Aonuma on stage.

6:35: Miyamoto’s clearly not happy about the embarassing demo this morning. It was wireless interference, he swears!

6:36: We’re just watching the game demo once again, but this time it’s working. I’ve already posted the hands-on. Some commentary: We made the map easier to read so it’s much harder to get lost. One of our objectives was to bring the core gameplay back and not have all the focus on the amount of dungeons or what the story is.

6:39: Last year we showed a single piece of art. Back then, the story was pretty much complete. We just didn’t have much in the way of anything visual to show.

6:40: For the most part, we’re in the final stretch. We still have some dungeons to create, but the gameplay is solid. We’re just not confident that we can get the final pieces in for this year. So that’s why we revealed a 2011 release.

6:45: How many people remember the scene where Link dives off the cliff in the trailer? That’s a very important point for the storyline. This time around, Link is born and raised in a land called Sky Loft, a land floating above the clouds. It may sound unique for someone to live on a floating land, but Link finds it ordinary. A land beneath the clouds is discovered, it’s ruled by evil forces, but Link is forced to go there. Link has to travel between the two lands in this adventure. The Skyward Sword is his driving force behind his traveling between lands. That mysterious figure in last year’s art is the Skyward Sword. People suspected this to be the Master Sword…but spoiler alert, the Skyward Sword becomes the Master Sword. (laughs).

6:46: Miyamoto comments on the art style: I’m a fan of the visuals. It only went through one round to get my approval.

6:47: There will be lots of visual cues to identify enemy attacks and weaknesses, and the best way of relaying this to the player is through overexaggerating character designs, so full realism just wouldn’t work. If we used the same graphics from Twilight Princess, the game would already be done.

6:51: Mr. Aonuma was a victim of Ocarina of Time, where I kidnapped him for a project. He has something to share. You know the Water Temple? Who thought it was tough or even horrible? I’ve lived with that for the last ten odd years. But with the 3DS we have a touch screen. You had to take off and on the iron boots constantly, right? So I’d like to lay the evil shame to rest, and add a feature to make the iron boots control much easier.

6:53: This is an important point for Skyward Sword: we put a lot of effort in streamlining the inventory system. It might feel awkward at the show because it’s vastly different than before, but we’re hoping that you’ll understand how streamlined it is. We don’t use the pointer, we use the Wii Motion Plus almost like a 3D mouse to highlight on-screen items.

6:57: Now we’re watching the trailer again.

7:00: And now for some Q&A:

7:03: In Zelda, is the HUD a work in progress, with the on-screen controller? It was designed and implemented for E3. Will it change? Yes. At E3 we’re throwing a lot of things at you at once, and we made something for people to quickly understand. We’ve had HUD in past Zelda games, and you’ve always had the option to turn it off with a button.

7:06: Will Zelda have orchestral music and/or voice acting? We can’t do what we did in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and not move forward and do the same thing in Zelda. We have people on staff looking forward to getting to work on that.

How about that. The Skyward Sword becomes the Master Sword at some point? Link lives in the clouds and travels back and forth between? So much to talk about. THEORIZERS UNITE!

[Source: IGN]

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