Well, we’re getting even more than we initially thought in 3 days when the Master Quest DLC pack arrives for Hyrule Warriors. We knew Epona was being added as a weapon, one new Legend Mode stage, and a whole new map for Adventure Mode… but what we’re getting now goes far beyond that. What already looked like a pretty good DLC package just got better, as we now have finer details for it based on the packs individual listing on the European eShop. Such as the fact we’ll be getting a bunch of new 8 bit weapons and five new stages for Legend Mode. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Five new Legend Mode scenarios
  • A new Adventure Mode map (Master Quest) with seven new 8-bit weapons and sixteen new alternatively-coloured costumes as rewards
  • A new weapon type for Link (Epona)
  • Two new costumes (Guardian of Time for Lana and Cia)

You can buy this pack individually, though I am unsure of the United States price at this point. There is also a combo pack that includes this and two future DLC packs for $19.99 available on the eShop right now. Three days remain.

Source: GoNintendo

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