Mases-Mart-MailbagThis weeks episode of the mailbag is now available and it now has a new name, titled Mases Mart. Let me know what you think of the name, or if you have any further suggestions. I’m also looking for somebody with video editing experience that would like to create a short introduction to the new show. If you’d like to, you can send in your creation to [email protected] As always, you can go ahead and make the jump to see the time stamps for all the questions.

Note: I’m aware there are some audio issues with background noise. I’m working on a much better audio solution and hopefully this will be resolved in next weeks episode.


01:29 – What happened to Axle the Beast?

01:47 – Is Zelda Wii U arriving to late for its own good?

04:38 – What is your favorite aspect of your Zelda Collection?

06:24 – Do you think Twilight Princess HD should get a new dungeon for the game?

07:25 – What is your opinion of the Tri Force Heroes’ plotline?

You can send in next weeks questions to [email protected] or just post them in the comments below.

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