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EDIT: Thanks to everybody who joined us life for the stream. It was a success and I’m happy with how the the chat room went. I think most of those who participated had a lot of fun and I hope to do it again. For the record… my life 3heart challenge for the original Legend of Zelda fell a tad bit short. I got to Death Mountain, but after a grand total of 53 deaths and the clock reading 4am, I decided to call it quits and retire there. Perhaps I’ll give it a go again in the future.

Come join us LIVE here at Zelda Dungeon later tonight! Several months back, we use to host live video podcasts on a bi-weekly rate. Followed by these podcasts, I would often continue streaming a video, playing various word games with the fans, streaming live video footage of games, and running my own jukebox of some of my favorite songs.

That was several months back and for various reasons, I put the podcast on an extended hiatus. However, I’m looking to possibly make a return with the podcast and today, I’m testing out various new things, one thing in particular being an embedded chatroom from Ustream, as opposed to our own outdated forum shoutbox. The Ustream chat acts similar to an IRC like program and works much more fluently than our forum shoutbox. I wanted to give it a shot on a live stream to see what type of activity we can achieve and how the video/chat will hold up when there is a larger audience.

Thus, tonight, I will be streaming live for several hours starting at roughly 9:00pm Central Time. The stream will include the Mases jukebox, some random discussion with Mases, perhaps a live Pokemon Battle tournament of sorts, and then concluding with me playing and streaming some live NES games, including the original Legend of Zelda. So if you can, please check back at the site at 9:00pm US Central time for some fun and help us test out the new chatroom and stream.

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