Today we have Part 9 of Mas’ Zelda Collection and this time around we are looking at Legend of Zelda Baseball Caps from the late 80’s. These caps come in four different colors that I know of and each of them has the exact same logo. It has the official Nintendo logo, the game logo from the Legend of Zelda, as well as a piece of official artwork of Link with his sword. Each of the caps have a copyright of 1988 on the front, along with an official Nintendo Licensed Product sticker on the inside. Other than that, they are standard cheaply made baseball caps and the various logos are just ironed on.

These hats are quite rare in the sense, I’ve never seen them before, or at least I don’t remember. They just recently popped up on an ebay auction and I was able to pick up each of them for just over $15 a piece. However, these were buy it now prices and had there only been one listed and if it was advertised properly, I think it could have sold for significantly more due to its rarity. Overall I’d label it as moderately rare.

Rarity: Moderately Rare
Price: $15 – $20 (Not a large enough sample to get an exact price)

For a period of time, you can find these hats on eBay, but I’m sure that after these ones are gone, they will be hard to find. To get all the latest videos from Zelda Dungeon including more videos from my collection, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel.

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