Today we have Part 8 of Mas’ Zelda Collection and this time around we are looking at Kirby-Link Plush Doll. It is a Kirby plush, but he is wielding a sword and wearing Link’s cap. The plush is quite common and can be purchased on various internet auction sites for a relatively cheap price. It was originally made by Taito but years ago it was sold in many US retailers including Gamestop and Walmart. I’ve got a number of Zelda related plush dolls and over time I’ll probably be showing them in future collection videos.

Rarity: Common
Price: $10 – $15

You can purchase this plush doll for fairly cheap on eBay. If you do some searching you could find the same plush elsewhere around the net as well.

So do any of you have this plush doll? Do you have any Zelda plushies at all? Is this something you’d like to have in your Zelda collection? Be sure to let us know by posting in the comments below!

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