This Skyward Sword display stand can be found at local GameStop’s and retail stores around the country. Lucky enough for me, I’ve developed quite a relationship with my local GameStop for the last several years and they were willing to part ways with it. Unlike many of their other posters and stands, this one was not a required floor display and thus, given the particular GameStop is not overly large, they were willing to let me take it off their hands.

Not only does this display stand feature Skyward Sword, but it also has a large Ocarina of Time 3D poster on its backside. All in all, this stand is huge. It is much larger than the Ocarina of Time 3D Display Stand that I previously featured as part of my Zelda Collection series.

Rarity: Rare
Price: (Not Available For Purchase)

I’m sure you’ll be able to see these on auction sites in late December or January, once stores take them down for the year. However, if you have a good enough relationship with your local game store, perhaps they’d part ways with it once December roles around? Hey, it’s worth a shot to ask isn’t it?

Expect a slow down in Zelda Collection videos over the next two months. I haven’t really kept up with the pace that I’d like for my collection videos, but I’d eventually like to do so. My current goal is to put this on hold over the next two months so I can focus more on Skyward Sword content. I’ll pick up this series of videos come January and I’m hoping to make them more regularly, perhaps twice a week. Until then, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to find all the latest videos from Zelda Dungeon.

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