With Ocarina of Time 3D now available in Japan, Europe, and North America, strategy guides are quick to follow. In the United States, Prima Games is now the only strategy guide publisher that makes Zelda guides. Ever since Phantom Hourglass came out in 2007, Nintendo stopped making their own versions of strategy guides and instead, partnered with Prima Games in making them the official guide producer for all Nintendo games. One of the bonuses in purchasing this guide is that it comes with a massive Ocarina of Time 3D Poster, showing off the battle between Link and Ganondorf.

Overall the guide is pretty good. It covers just about everything that it should cover, including nice appendices, full guides for the master quest dungeons, and decent maps for both quests. My only gripes would be that it has almost no official artwork and it only briefly touches on the Boss Challenge mode. With guides like these, I’ve always liked them as material just to flip through and look at the screenshots and artwork. This one has good material but isn’t as fun just to glance through. There is some other bonus material such as a further backstory to the game, as well as brief character descriptions, but this surmounts to just one page of the guide.

Rarity: Common
Price: $13-$23 each

In all, the guide is 224 pages and includes a massive poster of Link and Ganondorf battling one another. It retails for $19.99 in video game stores in the United States, ($22.99 in Canada), but right now it is available at Amazon for just $13.04. Furthermore, it’s eligible for Super Saver Shipping. Meaning if you spend $25 total for items from Amazon, you get free shipping and handling!

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