SM3D 8.jpgThe last really big nugget of information to come out of the Nintendo Developer’s Conference revolves around Mario 3DS. For starters, Super Mario 3DS is just a tentative title. Now that the name is out of the way, the real juicy stuff is the Zelda themed demo. Here is what ign live blogged about at the time of it’s reveal:

Audrey Drake: A Zelda style stage is in it in honor of the 25th anniversary of the franchise!!!!

Audrey Drake: It’s top-down, has a pattern similar to the dungeons in A Link to the Past.

It’s top down. Lighting torches with fireballs. Zelda chimes. Showing Mario bouncing in top down level. He comes right at you. Pretty incredible stuff.

Audrey Drake: Hidden stuff here they’re choosing not to show us.

Audrey Drake: The moving spikes from Zelda are in this level too.

Audrey Drake: That… was awesome.

So combine Zelda with Mario and you get… awesome. It’s really that simple. The last nugget we have about the game is that Mario won’t be able to fly, despite the Tanooki suit and tail business. Instead, the magic leaf will give him a “flutter jump” ability reminiscent of Yoshi’s signature jumping move. The decision was based on the screen being too small to really present flight in the manner they wish it to be presented. I feel that is a cop out – we all know Mario is just pissed off that Link gets to fly on a giant bird, while all they gave to Mario was some weak tail.

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