Rejoice, Mario Kart 8 fans! The first DLC pack has now been released, alongside the 3.0 update, adding amiibo support to the game.

The 221MB-sized update adds amiibo support to the game, ready for when Nintendo rolls out the first wave of amiibo on November 21st. Pressing the + button (or Start) on the home screen in-game will take you to the amiibo menu. Players will be able to scan compatible amiibo to unlock Mii Racing Suits.

The DLC pack is a sizable 687MB, and includes three new characters: Link, Tanooki Mario, and Cat Peach. It also includes four new vehicles, including the Master Cycle, and 8 new tracks – including Hyrule Circuit. It is available to purchase now for $7.99, or can be bought in a bundle with the second DLC pack, scheduled to release early next year.

Are you ready to get back into the race with Link? If you’re up to the challenge, be sure to join us as we stream our community tournament tonight!

Source: NintendoEverything

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