Manga Stuff

First up, we have a long overdue update for the Hyrule Fantasy manga. Blame me, not BerriBlue—her efforts have been next to tireless! We last left off on page 49, and she’s finished translating all the way up to page 73. As always, the pages can be found over at our forums.

In other manga-related news, volume #2 of the Legend of Zelda manga has been released. To continue reading, head over to Amazon and place your order. While you’re there, pre-order volume #3, which tells the story of Majora’s Mask. And as we informed the other day, volume #4, the Oracle of Seasons manga, is now available for pre-ordering as well. Both are set to be released next year.

Oh, and expect more manga info in a couple of days. I won’t say what it is for now, but it is a part of our Ocarina of Time birthday special. Keep your eyes peeled!

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