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Did you know that the world was supposed to end, yet again, on May 21st 2011. Oh, hey, that’s today. If you’re wanting all of the reasoning check this out. The reason that I bring this up, is because over at Destructoid, they released a feature befitting of the day called “The top ten ends-of-the-world in videogames”. Of course, our beloved Majora’s Mask comes in at 8th position. Read on for the full list and what was said about Majora’s Mask.

10- Darksiders

9- Fallout

8- Majora’s Mask

7- Sim City

6- Chrono Trigger

5- Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

4- Primal Rage

3- Apocalypse

2- Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

1- Left Behind: Eternal Forces

And here’s what they had to say about Majora’s Mask:

Who would have thought that a charming Nintendo game could bring with it one of the most nightmarish apocalypse scenarios in all of interactive entertainment? Majora’s Mask is the dark follow-up to Ocarina of Time, set in a world where the Moon is destined to crash into the planet within three days. And just to make things worse, the Moon has a face. A horrible, leering, demonic face that will rule your nightmares and kill your dreams.

I know people who won’t play Majora’s Mask because of that damn Moon. Can you imagine if the Earth’s Moon looked like that? We wouldn’t have a civilization right now. Those of us who hadn’t killed ourselves before we were five-years-old would be insane from the paranoia of having that … thing … looking into our windows are night, watching us sleep, eat and have sex. It’d be the Hitler of Moons, and we’d all be its bitch.

But anyway, if you don’t stop the Moon hitting Clock Town in Majora’s Mask, it does exactly as promised. Its grinning, terrifying visage inexorably crushes everything below at an excruciating pace. Imagine having the Moon slowly bearing down on you, knowing you cannot run, but knowing it’ll be at least five minutes before you actually get squashed, and there’s nothing you can do about. And the last thing you see is that … face … that terrible, terrible face.

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