We Bee Trollin

Everyone remember liljes, the forum user who told us that the Triforce was in Skyward Sword? Not only can he get information from a Nintendo rep with a simple email, he’s got friends in high places. The kinds of high places where you can get your hands on a developer copy of Majora’s Mask 3D at a super secret conference and send them to your pal on Facebook.

Oh, and he’s also badass enough to be browsing Facebook during alleged super secret conference.

You can view all the screens here, but for now we’ll focus on one of the obviously Photoshopped ones:

Look, It's MM 3D!

Thankfully, we have an ace detective on the forums who goes by the name Tayo who can provide the concrete evidence that this is fake as hell. I’ll let him do the talking:

1. Gather picture of MM and OoT3D.

Start out with a scene from OoT 3D…

And one from Majora's Mask.

2. Place lower half of OoT3D screen shot over MM screen shot.

Swap the Bottoms…

3. Place OoT3D Death Mountain behind mountain in MM.

Swap Mountains

4. Clear away top HUD.

Chop the Top

5. Add Termina Field map and Hylian Shield.

Swap the Map

Change Shields, and Voila!

6. And then, finally, take a picture of the new screenshot with your 3DS. Then, take another camera, and with your 3DS facing your Facebook page and the new picture on your screen, take the final picture and there you go.

So, obviously it’s a fake. This evidence is more than enough to confirm that, but there’s plenty more. Why is Facebook in the background? Why does it look exactly like a published OoT 3D screen? Why is the clock, one of the most important parts of Majora’s Mask, missing(it’s not in the screen he posted of the bottom screen either)? Because they’re fake.

Now, with that out of the way, we can get to the REAL subject of this article: BEES.

Bees are the adorable little yellow and black insects with a sting. They’re responsible for beehives, pollination, honey, the trolling of an attempting troll’s thread…they’re a valuable part of human life. Just think of a world without bees. There’d be a lack of flowing plants, as most of them use bees to carry their pollen. You wouldn’t have any, sweet, delicious honey. Mario would have had to find another way to fly and cling to walls in Galaxy. Sure, you may not like them if you’re allergic, but that’s their fault.

Care to share your thoughts about bees?

The Common Bee

(By the way, don’t take this to mean we don’t want MM 3D. We do, but this obviously isn’t it.)

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