The Majora’s Mask Video Walkthrough has now officially launched and we’ve started uploading videos over at our YouTube Channel. Embedded below you will find the first video in the walkthrough and it takes you through the introductory areas of the game. Caleb has been working on the video walkthrough for quite some time and he has now uploaded the complete first chapter, which is made up of the first four videos in the guide. Caleb will be continuing to update the guide over the course of the next several months and we have more information about what the update schedule will be like, as well as the embedded video after the jump.

Caleb, in addition to working on the Video Walkthrough, has also been in the process of completely revamping the Majora’s Mask Walkthrough here at the site. The site walkthrough still needs quite a bit of work, but all of the text has been updated, and about half of the walkthrough has been fully updated with new screenshots, boxes, and much more. This has been a really long process and it will continue throughout much of the summer.

Caleb is currently planning on uploading consistent videos throughout the next few months. These videos won’t be uploaded daily, but the upload schedule won’t be far off from that. He’ll likely not upload videos the same days that Curiosity Shop Mailbags are released, or when other videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel. Furthermore, there will likely be several days off between each chapter of the walkthrough as he needs to take time to finalize some of the videos. Additionally, about half way through the entire guide, there will be a few weeks off from this particular video walkthrough and I will be uploading a smaller video walkthrough of another Zelda game for a period of about 2-3 weeks.

The reason Caleb cannot upload daily videos is quite simple, he’s not done with the walkthrough yet. These walkthroughs take a LOT of time to create and if you saw the video above, you’d fully understand why. The level of detail that Caleb goes into with the actual footage, the commentary, and all of the details he includes on the left bar take up so much time. Additionally, working on the site walkthrough simultaneously has caused the project to take quite a bit of time. That being said, we didn’t want to delay the walkthrough much further. So instead, we decided to start releasing it now and then over the course of time, we will be taking small breaks, uploading other goodies, while giving Caleb time to finish it.

Until then, be sure to let us know what you think of the video guide! Was it worth the wait? Do you like the new format? Post your comments below.

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