Rosa Sisters DancingOver at the Zelda Dungeon YouTube Channel, Caleb has started uploading chapter 2 of the Majora’s Mask Video Walkthrough. This chapter covers tons of side quests found in Clocktown, Termina Field, and within the Southern Swamp portion of the overworld. The chapter will also take Link through the Deku Palace and into Woodfall. This chapter is six videos long and concludes when Link enters the first dungeon of the game, Woodfall Temple.

You can watch the first video of Chapter 2 after the jump. Additionally, you can check out the updated Majora’s Mask Walkthrough for a text/screenshot version of the guide. Frequent videos will be uploaded for this walkthrough over at our YouTube Channel, so if you aren’t a subscriber, you should jump on board to get all the latest videos from Zelda Dungeon!

If you are brand new to the video walkthrough, you might want to start back at the first video in the guide and you can see that one embedded below. Furthermore, to see all the videos that have been uploaded thus far, check out the Majora’s Mask Playlist. Any comments, thoughts, criticisms, or suggestions are welcomed and you can post them below.

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