Majora’s Mask Trailers

Majora’s Mask was first announced in May of 1999 and at the time many believed that it was going to be the long expected Ura Zelda, an expansion of Ocarina of Time. However, in August of 1999, we got what was the first trailer for Majora’s Mask and it was at the Nintendo Space World event in August 1999. Granted, at the time the game was referred to simply as Zelda Gaiden.

In early 2000, the game was officially titled Majora’s Mask and released in April of 2000 in Japan. Just weeks after its release, a second trailer was revealed, this one being for the E3 2000 Convention. It’s not as highly regarded as some of the other Zelda E3 trailers, much for the reason that it was for a game that had already been available in Japan and at the time of its release, much of the interest in Nintendo was shifting towards the Nintendo Dolphin, later to be known as the Nintendo Gamecube. This second trailer was very reminiscent to the Ocarina of Time trailer from years earlier and even featured the same music. Nevertheless, both of these videos have been added to our Zelda Trailers section of our website and you can also see them embedded below.

The above video is from E3 2000. Why does it say before the sun goes down? Also, there is actually a scene of Adult Link on Epona. How did that sneak in there? Lastly, originally the release date was in November of 2000, but actually got pushed up to a late October release. Shown below was the very first trailer, shown at Space World 1999. Granted it’s not the most interesting of videos but it was the first one out there for the game.

Obviously the Hyrule Field theme didn’t make it into Majora’s Mask, but it’s still nice to see some of the earlier builds of the game. Be sure to let us know what you think of these videos by posting in the comments below.

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