Pieces of the Zelda universe can pop up in the most unexpected places. This fact was certainly made apparent a few days ago when a giant Majora’s Mask graphic was projected on-stage during a televised New Year’s Eve event in Poland.

The menacing mask of Majora made its appearance during a New Year’s Eve concert in Gdynia, Poland. Polish rock band Big Cyc took the stage to perform their hit song “Makumba” when a fully animated Majora’s Mask appeared on the large monitors behind the band. The entire event was produced and broadcast nationally by Polish television network Polsat, meaning the mask’s gaze reached the eyes of many.

It’s hard to say whose decision ultimately led to the mask’s inclusion. Perhaps a member of Big Cyc is a Zelda fan, or perhaps an event organizer appreciated the mask’s heart-shaped design. The performance itself was largely mask themed, so it may be possible that Majora’s Mask simply fit well with the other performances.

Regardless, I’d agree that Majora’s Mask belongs in our New Year’s festivities. Themes of beginning again are continually seen in the game and the Carnival of Time is fairly similar to New Year’s Eve as well. I might just start using New Year’s as an excuse to play through the game again.

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