Majora's Mask Nintendo Power Player's Guide

I have added the official Nintendo Power player’s guide strategy guide from Majora’s Mask to the Strategy Guides section of the website.

We already have a complete Majora’s Mask Walkthrough right here at Zelda Dungeon, but old guides are something I always like to look at. This guide in particular has a ton of official artwork from the game for a bunch of the items, bosses, and characters found within the game. Additionally, it has some sweet looking maps that were created specifically for this guide. I will be taking some high quality scans of the maps and artwork from the guide, and should have some quality renders over the next several weeks.

As stated before, I will be adding more miscellaneous strategy guides from the older Zelda titles in the coming weeks, including some more rare imported guides that I have recently gotten my hands on.

Legend of Zelda Strategy Guides
Majora’s Mask Nintendo Power Player’s Guide

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