Between the scarcity of the Limited Edition Majora’s Mask 3D game bundle and that of the matching Limited Edition New 3DS, Zelda fans have been less than thrilled with the stock of these high-demand items. With original supplies selling out online in a matter of minutes, many have come to pin the blame on scalpers, individuals who purchased the limited edition items only to resell them at a huge markup. Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done to amend this issue as Nintendo’s current policies stand – but that won’t stop some fervent fans.

The only place to purchase a Majora’s Mask New 3DS online in the United States is currently amazon, but with prices upwards of $375, few are willing to give in. In an attempt likely intended to make it more difficult for sellers to get away with such exorbitant prices, over 150 reviews of one star have been written on the item’s page, leading to an average rating of just under 1.5 stars.

While it’s unlikely that this will deter the most dedicated of fans, it is interesting to see so many users take part in an attempted undermining of this kind, especially in so short a time. I expect more individuals will take part in the coming days if more retailers do not begin offering this edition of the new handheld, or if stocks at the current stores remain so limited. Do you expect to see anything come out of this attempt, or is simply serving as a way for fans to vent? Will you be taking part? Will any of you be taking the plunge for one of these marked-up models?

Source: Amazon

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