Majora's MaskWe have shared many different styles of musical covers all inspired by The Legend of Zelda series throughout the years. We are always happy to pass on and share the work of these very dedicated musicians and fans, we even have some on our very own ZD staff! Some of my favorites tend to be the ones with a unique twist or a cover from a more obscure song that either has not been done before or already has, but now has been given a new twist with a different instrument or tone. I must admit however that there are a few, more iconic songs that no matter how often I hear them, they will always tug on my heart strings. This time we have a cover from The Synthetic Orchestra, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating covers of various video games, movies, and anime inspired music using a virtual orchestra that has been featured previously on our ZD Gallery. The creator, Blake is a self professed “graphic designing, music composing, software programming nerdy type” that this time has chosen to create a cover based on Majora’s Mask: Music Box House.

Head past the break to check out his latest tune.

To check out more of Blake’s work, head on over to his YouTube page.

What do you think of the virtual orchestra cover? What other songs would you like to see him recreate? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube

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