We recently shared a video of a fan showing his love for Zelda by covering a song on the ukulele. That was different, as a ukulele isn’t the first instrument that comes to mind when thinking of Zelda. But let’s go even further. A YouTuber named Tsuko G. is known for making covers of popular video games played on the kazoo. That’s right, kazoo! On his popular series “KAZOO’d!” Tsuko bring us the Milk Bar Theme from Majora’s Mask. The song is played in a similar style of popular acapella artists, in which Tsuko plays different melodies of the theme and then puts them together for one epic final product. He makes playing the kazoo look so easy. I know I’m going to be humming this tune for the rest of the day.

What do you think? Check out the video above and let us know your opinion in the comments below. If you like what you hear, check out more of videos. There’s even more Zelda ones to check out!

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