GTThere are many countdown subjects where you would expect a game from the Zelda series to appear at some point like fun boss battles, useful items and great puzzles. One aspect you may not expect to see an entry from the Zelda series on is a list of the top 10 grim reapers in video games. Surprisingly, an encounter in Majora’s Mask has made 9th place on Game Trailers’ list.

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Gomess may not necessarily be the actual Grim Reaper himself but he certainly looks the part and, given his abilities, would do a good job.  It’s understandable he only made 9th place as, although the fight is good, he wasn’t as memorable or impressive as some of the other entries on the list. It would be great if a new version of Gomess was to appear in Hyrule Warriors or Zelda Wii U to get him higher on the list.

What do you think of his position on the list? Would you like to see a new Gomess appear in the future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Game Trailers

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