Majora’s Mask Fanart

Oni Link - DarthJader11The image gallery has been updated with the first batch of Majora’s Mask fanart, and I must say I am very pleased with your submissions so far. We have some great pieces, some creative pieces, and some really fun pieces too. The image you see to the left is one of 14 wonderful new additions to our Fan Projects Gallery. You can see a bigger version of it, and all our other pieces, by clicking read more.

Unlikely Allies – wynahiros
Deku Link – DarthJader11
Goron Link – DarthJader11
Zora Link – DarthJader11
Link and Epona – DarthJader11
Oni Link – DarthJader11
Sun and Moon – Maiyue
Fierce Deity – SheikahWarrior
Majora – SheikahWarrior
Majora’s Mask – muse
Skull Kid – Alejo D.
Majora Must Die – ry_spirit
Deku – Cameron B.
Majora’s Mask – Lesli B.

Absolutely wonderful pieces. Remember you can comment on each piece in its individual gallery page. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far, and I encourage the rest of you to submit your own pieces as well. Anyone who wants their Majora’s Mask fanart featured can do so by emailing their piece to me or by posting in our MM Month Fanart Project thread at the forums.

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