MMWith 2015 now well under way I’m sure we are all recounting the tales of how we welcomed in the new year. Some partied the night away while others had a quiet one at home with friends and family. There are always the big extravaganzas held by each country to celebrate the dawn of a new year but you wouldn’t expect to see Majora’s Mask appearing during a band’s performance. Well, in Poland, that’s exactly what happened.

Take the jump to see for yourself!

The mask first appears at around 1:30 and is shown several times during the rest of the video. It’s not known why they had Majora’s Mask appear on the stage, maybe Poland is really looking forward to the 3D remake that is going to be released later in the year. Whatever their reasons, it’s great to see the mask in all its stunning glory on the stage.

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Source: GoNintendo

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