South_Clock_TownWith several new changes expected to debut for the anticipated Majora’s Mask 3D, one interesting rumor is the removal of the loading times between different areas of Clock Town. Players have been analyzing released footage to speculate on this rumor, and Clock Town appears to be one large area. Keep in mind these are merely rumors, although we’ll find out soon enough!

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Due to technical limitations of the Nintendo 64, there was a short loading sequence of Link running through a Clock Town entryway before the screen went black. It is interesting to note the following picture:


On the right you can see the area behind the entryway into West Clock Town, indicating a possible removal of the black loading screen.

Fans have noted, however, that developers may have just wanted the entrances to be clearer and show the other side. This is a possibility since fans have been questioning whether or not the 3DS will be able to load the entirety of Clock Town, but adding more depth would definitely contribute to this remake.

Do you think this speculation could be a possibility? Would you prefer the elimination of loading times? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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