This is something that was clearly due to hardware limitations at the time (just like the slower sailing in The Wind Waker was because the GameCube couldn’t load the various areas fast enough to support quicker travel), but one thing many Majora’s Mask players will remember was the short load times between the different parts of Clock Town. This was generally marked by the entryways being dark and then showing a little animation of Link running through it before the screen went dark and the next area loaded. Based on some very good observations from someone at NeoGAF, it appears this may not be present in the remastered (remake, whatever you prefer to call it) version.

As you can see above, the doorway to West Clock Town clearly shows part of that area behind it, indicating the lack of the classic black loading zone appearance. There were a couple other observations made as well:

The town itself seems to have seen some major upgrades, and in the example above you can note several texture updates, along with an extra sign, making the pool entrance much more visible and noticeable. We also can seem some added depth to Clock Town, finally making the dimensions of the place inside the walls make practical sense:

In the original, the walls of Clock Town were much more compact, but when you went into the other areas they were clearly bigger than the walls would indicate. It appears this has been adjusted to make more sense. It also appears they knocked down the barrier behind the tower itself, which really served no purpose other than being an additional loading zone entryway. The texture updates are even more pronounced here as well. We’ll have more to compare and contrast down the road when Nintendo gives us more screenshots or footage to dissect.

Source: NeoGAF

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