Majora’s Mask is one of the deepest and most atmospheric titles in the Legend of Zelda franchise, and every year fans cry out for another trip into the land of Termina. Part of what made the world so immersive and distinctive was the feeling that all the characters had their own stories to tell instead of the story revolving solely around Link and the player. Miguel Bulteau plans to explore one of these stories and provide a different view on Termina in the form of an opera based around the love story of Kafei and Anju.

Zelda Informer has previously reported on this opera, but a new demo song has recently been released that you can watch above. In the video, Skull Kid seems to be fine as he dances around in a mysterious fashion that fits the music, but it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong when Majora begins to seize control of its puppet.

The overall plot of the opera follows Kafei in his search for his stolen Sun Mask, a symbol of his love for Anju analogous to a wedding ring. It all takes place in one of the timelines in which Link never visits Termina, meaning the love story is probably going to end tragically. After all, someone with the body of a child like Kafei couldn’t possibly hope to take on the dark power of Majora’s Mask, right?

How do you guys feel about Majora the opera? If the thought fills your heart with joyful anticipation, it could really use your support. If you are just sick of Majora’s Mask, head down to the comments and explain why you refuse to acknowledge how amazing it was.

Source: Majora Opera

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