Call me Zelda one more timeGunpowder-based weapons are not very common in The Legend of Zelda. Sure, there are bombs, cannons and the rocket launcher Auru used against that one Aeralfos in the final dungeon of Twilight Princess. But aside from those there are no handheld firearms. Of course, there are a lot of fan ideas for Zelda games set in a more modern setting with guns and such. One of the people with an idea as such is upcoming voice actor ProZD (not affiliated with Zelda Dungeon in any way), who made a sound clip about what would happen if Link had a gun. After making this the YouTube video maker Chance McMichael took this sound clip and made a video of it. You can watch the video after the break!

Of course, this video plays it for laughs. But what if Link had an actual firearm in an upcoming Zelda game? Should it replace an existing item, like the bow? Should it do something else and be its own item? Maybe have a Master Shotgun? Or perhaps something else? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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