Hello everyone! I’m really excited to be returning with another Lyrics of Legend post after an overwhelming amount of support from the Song of Storms entry. I’m glad to see that so many of you are interested to see the Lyrics of Legend become an ongoing series!

I’d like to take a second to reference the requests for specific tracks that I received on the last post, and this is how I plan to handle requests in this series. On most occasions, if I receive a request for lyrics to a specific track, I won’t be doing it on the immediately next Lyrics of Legend entry unless I was planning to do so ahead of time. With that being said, if you request specific tracks, I will be more likely to focus on those tracks in coming posts, so don’t hesitate to ask for lyrics to your favorite Zelda tracks!

Now that I have addressed that, it’s time to get onto the focus of this week! While this specific track is not an especially popular theme in the franchise, it was the first video game music that I wrote lyrics to. Considering that this is the first post after your decision to make this an ongoing series, it would make sense to share the lyrics that I started on! With that said, I present to you: the Twilight Princess Title Theme!

Boy, I know that you are he
Who saves, when peace and freedom fall
Please stay strong in the darkest night
And strive on to save us from twilight
Remember me as you press on
And Courage be
Wisdom lie
Power dwell
In your blade and in your heart
(In the dark, in the light, I will always be by your side)

While the last line I intended to be sung from Midna’s perspective, I actually did not have anyone specific in mind to sing the majority of that set of lyrics. A few possible candidates are Rusl or Ilia; however, the identity of the primary  singer here is open to interpretation.

While this is not a series that will be based on user submissions like Artists of Legend is, that does not mean that I will not accept submitted lyrics from readers! If you have lyrics to a specific track that you’d like to share with me, just leave them in a comment below or message them to me on Twitter. They might end up appearing in a Lyrics of Legend post eventually!

I hope that you enjoyed these lyrics to the Title Theme for Twilight Princess! I look forward to sharing more lyrics with you next time!


Adam is an original content editor for Zelda Dungeon; He put together an extension of this series on Wattpad and likes sipping tea; Follow him on Twitter


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